IMG_3189All good things must come to an end and now is the time. The ending of something beautiful has finally come my way and it doesn’t even feel real. My time spent on the Adventure of the Sea, as allowed me to grow as a women, dancer, and build my own knowledge about the world around me as a fresh learner. Of course this is only the beginning of my learning, but I have to say, it was a pretty fantastic start. Working on the cruise ship has forced me to become reliant on the way I choose to carry myself and the choices I choose to make. Undeniably, I had my family and friends at home and my family and friends on board helping me every second, but the need to be independent as an individual was required and I choose to carry this notion in my pocket so I’ll never lose it. Thinking about what’s next for me is a big question and something that is impossible to ignore, but at this moment I choose to not think about the unknown. I choose to think of the possibilities that are endless if you truly look for them.

images-13While I look out my plane window, to the clouds, the sunset, and the deep ocean underneath me, I can’t help but sit with my music filling my mind and reminisce about the last 9 months of this life. The thank you’s from my heart are endless.

To Lily, my roommate who put up with my million questions, who was always ready to listen, and who’s love for life shined so bright.

To Romero, for being my partner in crime and whipping me into shape when I tried to make my own rules and exceptions.

To Kelly, my big sister on board, constantly giving me something to laugh about and being wild with me.

To Kim, who was my personal physiotherapist and the human powerhouse.

To Kayley, who’s laugh and drive for dance is contagious.

To Leo, for asking his million questions when I secretly had the same ones.

To Justin, for always keeping it real and being my dance partner on the dance floor at crew bar.

To Danny my Dance Captain, who did everything he could to be the best for his cast.

To Tom, who’s humour is like no other and always laughing uncontrollably with me.

To Matt Clark, for his humbleness and dedication to his art.

To Amy Joe, for her constant love to the people around her and her unbroken streak of humour.

To Robbin, who was the queen of Adventure, her self knowledge and warmth is definitely something special to learn from.

Saying goodbye will forever be a challenge I just can’t quite figure out. It is evident to feel the heartache and sorrow that is presented when a connection between two people is separating; I don’t think this feeling will ever go on vacation. While there may be tears in my eyes, my heart is so full and my smile is radiating from ear to ear; I’m pretty darn lucky.


I only wish the best to my family and friends from the Adventure of the Sea.

Until next time… It has been a dream.

Adios Amigos!



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