DailyLiv: Youtube…?

For this DailyLiv, I want to write about something that is constantly on my mind. This would be trying to find new ways to grow LimitlessLiv.. I have my Instagram and this blog, but I want more! I want to create new ways to link LimitlessLiv with the world and figure out how to expand this name and build something bigger.

Youtube has been an idea in my head for a couple weeks now! I think having Youtube as another outlet to share my adventures and passions would be a lot of fun, but also a big challenge. Youtube requires a tremendous amount of time and hard work! Two things that I wouldn’t mind doing for my own Youtube channel, but looking towards the future.. it could become very challenging as I board new ships and begin new contracts. I predict having a Youtube channel will be extra challenging while I am on a ship because the wifi is so weak and sometimes even impossible to find; which means then my videos would never be consistent or on a regular posting schedule!

I am still trying to think of ways I could make it work and maybe I’ll figure it out! But right now it seems like a pretty interesting idea in my head…

We will see what happens! Stay reading and maybe you’ll see me on your Youtube feed!




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