Welcome to Aruba ’18

A tiny Dutch Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela, known as Aruba, was one of the most beautiful, loving, and captivating places I’ve seen and experienced. Docking in Aruba every other week allowed me to explore so much of the island that I felt almost as if I was a local!IMG_0107
The last day I spent in Aruba didn’t feel real! It seemed so strange knowing after my last day, I wouldn’t be coming back! All the connections I made with the people at my favourite breakfast spot, lunch spot, and all the other places I went would begin to fade over time. I realized on my last day, I really took this island for granted! And I would do anything to be once again back on the beach with a raspberry margarita in my hand.
To be frank, the island of Aruba is not much different from other islands in the Caribbean! There are the same markets filled with homemade souvenirs, duty free jewelry, glorious sunshine, and huge hotel resorts everywhere you look.
The beaches in Aruba are what really make it the finest island to explore. These beaches will completely change your perspective and idea of what an amazing beach truly is! I know this sounds dramatic, but I can honestly say out of all the beaches I got the chance to see and experience, Aruba was the one that really stuck with me! The soft bright white sand and mesmerizing blue water was completely different compared to all the other islands.
Allow me to give you a break down!


Eagle Beach / Palm Beach
IMG_4326Eagle Beach and Palm Beach are both connected on one big strip of incredibly blue ocean and white sand. Although they are the same ocean and the same sand, they are two completely different areas!
Eagle Beach is absolutely beautiful. It is filled with sun-beds and umbrellas all ready for rent. Resorts are located across the street from this beach so it feels very open and welcoming, rather than being hidden behind a giant resort hotel! Because the hotels and resorts are located across the street, there aren’t huge bars, restaurants or shops along this beach; in my opinion, it’s nice this way! It makes the beach feel welcoming and free as if you have been on the island forever.
Palm Beach has very similar attractions and benefits! All the same beautiful water and soft sand, but this beach is directly behind resorts and hotels giving a myriad of different options of bars, restaurants, spa specials, souvenir shops, and even a small bird zoo! Every time I went to Palm beach it was always packed with people and their friends and families, but not to worry there are tons of lounge chairs and umbrellas for rent, as well as enough sand and water for everyone!
 Renaissance Private Island

Flamingo Beach!

The Renaissance Private Island is an absolute must see spot! This is a feature that is included for guests staying at the Renaissance Resort Hotel, but if you are not a guest at the hotel it is possible to purchase a ticket in the main lobby to this private island. The $100 price tag per ticket might seem like a lot… especially if you and your whole family are hoping to go… The experience is beyond worth it! From the Renaissance Hotel, the private island is an 8 minute water taxi ride. This ride is completely covered by the ticket cost or your room key if you are a guest at the hotel. This private island includes two beaches; Flamingo Beach and Iguana Beach. Both of these beaches have flamingos and iguanas roaming the sand by your side! You’ll find a full restaurant at Iguana Beach and a full bar at Flamingo beach. Both are incredibly delightful and right next to each other, so throughout the day you’ll be able to experience both of them! This is a must see spot on the Aruba island, I would recommend it to everyone!

Tamarijn is another well-known beach resort on the Aruba island. This is an all-inclusive resort that includes a pool, one restaurant/bar, live music, and lounge chairs by the beach. This was a popular spot for a lot of crew members on board the ship. The reason for its popularity was because of the location of Tamarijn. Tamarijn is a short walking distance from the spot Adventure of the Sea docked every time we were in port in Aruba. There is a $20 fee to enter the all inclusive resort without being a guest, but this was no big deal because the $20 would be used as a voucher for food or drinks throughout the hotel!


What you will be reading about next are my absolute top two FAVOURITE restaurants in Oranjestad, Aruba!
The Dutch Pancakehouse
The Dutch Pancakehouse was my all time favourite spot to go and eat any sort of breakfast food! While on the ship, it was not very common to get up and eat breakfast because the breakfast buffet would end around 9:00am; I would still be sleeping at that time! But every time I was in Aruba, I would go and get breakfast

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetat The Dutch Pancakehouse. It has amazing wi-fi and delicious crepes. Yes, I will admit I am slightly bias because I LOVE breakfast, but if you are looking for a place to get some good pancakes, crepes, poffertjes, any sort of breakfast food, or even some lunch options, I would 100% recommend The Dutch Pancakehouse. Somedays patrons could stand in line for up to 20 minutes, but the service that is provided as well as the food is outstanding and totally worth it! DO NOT LEAVE THAT LINE!

Amore Mio Pizzeria Napoletana
Amore Mio Pizzeria Napoletana is next… I was a pretty consistent customer at this lunch spot and I have no regrets! This is an Italian pizzeria that basically served any sort of pizza you could imagine. Their crispy ovenmade flat bread paired with a wine or bubbly was always the perfect meal before heading to Palm Beach right across the street! Plus, you could even pack up your pizza and enjoy it on the beach if that’s more your style! Maybe you’ll get lucky and be able to hide it from the birds!


Aruba is known to be “One Happy Island” and I couldn’t agree more. With the dry sunny weather, great food, and the bluest water everywhere you look; this island couldn’t be any happier!
Until next time Aruba! You will be missed!

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