Life Update! July 10th, 2018






Yes, I understand it has been a while and recently I have been a ghost… not only on my blog, but on most of my social media platforms! I post on Instagram now and then, but for the most part my connection with the cyber world has been very vague and very limited. I have missed my uploading and more importantly my writing! When I first started my blog, it was for the pure enjoyment of writing and voicing my thoughts to the world; I don’t want to ever come to a point where my writing becomes a chore and to find my inspiration fading or my interest dying. Because of the fact I have been so distant with my posting, all the previous blogs I’ve pre-wrote have now become unrelevant. I realized I had to restart and come up with new topics to write about that would be more accurate for what I am doing in my life.

Even though I needed to come up with new ideas, it was not a hard task because I still have so many things I want to write about! Before I start writing and uploading those things, I figured I should start with an update post! An update for my readers! Writing about future plans and current plans in my own life!

Let’s start with talking about how I have less than 4 months left on this beautiful ship! My time so far spent on the Brilliance of the Sea has flown past me! I have 4 months left until I return home, but really only 2 months left in Europe; the last 2 months of my contract will be porting from Tampa, Florida. I am excited to cross over to Tampa, I’m excited to be on the beach and in the sun again! There was a slight glimpse of sun in Scotland last cruise and let me tell you I was up at the pool deck so fast! I suppose you could say laying under the sun is my happy place…. I even got my first sunburn! Should I be happy about that?… Anyways! Two months of Europe left! I need to start taking more advantage of my surroundings! I won’t be travelling forever, so I need to be making the most of my experiences no matter what the cost; especially in Europe! A girl from Canada most likely won’t be back to Europe very often! Although I do really wish I could!

About the future of my blog posts, I don’t want to share all my surprises, but for the most part I want my next couple blogs to be more about the places I am seeing everyday! I want to write about how I spend my time in each port; on both my touristy days and laid back days. They seem to be very different and I think a lot of people would be surprised to find out what I do around the towns on days off. Because of the fact we go back to these places every 2 weeks or so, not everyday can be a tourist day! I swear near the end of my contract I feel like a true local! I grow to have a great understanding of my surroundings and things become more natural when walking around and navigating my way; this makes a difference on the days I choose to be more adventurous! Long story short, I have plans to write more and more about travelling and base them on my own experiences I am creating everyday.

All I can say is… STAY TUNED!!


Until next time,



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