A Day in Copenhagen; Rollercoasters and Cotton Candy

This adventure is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen is absolutely beautiful and definitely one of my favourite places to visit! On this particular day the sun was beaming, cool air was blowing, and the Tivoli Gardens was on the agenda.



Originally I assumed the Tivoli Gardens would be something like a massive park! With endless flowers and places to take some cool pictures! Little did I know, my thoughts were completely wrong. Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park!! I LOVE AMUSEMENT PARKS!! I’m sure many of my readers could imagine my face when I arrived and found out I was going to spend my day in an amusement park! The only slight issue was that I decided to wear a jean dress that day… not the best attire at an amusement park.. I had to be extra careful not to flash anyone while flying upside down! But not to worry, I made it work! Haha!

Although I’ve had the chance to experience other things in Copenhagen… this day was by far the icing on the cake!

Walking into the park around 12:30pm it was still quiet. Within 30 minutes of being there I could start to see the waiting lines for the rides begin to grow bigger and bigger! This is always the worst part of amusement parks; wasting so much time in LINES!! Half the day is spent waiting in lines!

For the size of this park, the variety of rides was amazing! It is not quite comparable to Universal Studios or Disney World… but we weren’t expecting anything like that to begin with! Plus the price difference comparing to the bigger amusement parks was very affordable; I guess you could say you get what you pay for!

Inside the park, you’ll find rollercoasters that go around and around in circles, swings that lift you into the sky, drop lifts that will make your insides flip, rides for children, endless restaurants, play grounds, and even multiple stages for productions performed through the night hours.IMG_5560.jpg

Personally my favourite ride was an airplane ride! Sitting in a mini airplane attached to two giant poles that seem miles long! The airplane lifts into the sky and travels in a circular motion going up and down, up and down, getting faster and faster! I swear there was a moment I couldn’t lift my head from the head rest! I know this isn’t the best description… but it’s hard to explain! See the picture for a better understanding. I LOVED IT!

Although it was an exhausting day in the sun, it was such a blast and definitely one for the books. I would recommend anyone to visit the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark!


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