Time to Count down!

The final month of my second contract is right around the corner. That means one month til I see my family, take my dog for a walk, see my friends, teach dance, and one more month ti I sleep in my own bed again! These are the things I look forward to most when I think about home; the fact that all this is only one month away is so exciting. I am excited to be home again, but at the same time I am undeniably sad to leave the people who have been there for me through these past 7 months! The people I see and laugh with everyday whether I want to or not! My Instagram shows the smiles and the amazing memories, but not everyday is a good day. I am so very grateful for the people I have been blessed to meet and build such strong friendships with within the two casts I’ve worked with! 8 months is a long time to be away from friendships and family, but the laughs and energy I feel with the friendships I have made make everyday so easy and happy. Returning to my previous statement… I am SO excited to go home and be with my family in Nova Scotia, but I am certainly not ready to leave this family on the Brilliance of the Seas. 

Okay okay okay! Enough with the sappy blah blah blah! That is not the reason for this blog! The real sappy blog will be coming in 31 days from now! LOL 

There’s lots to do when the end begins to get near! This is the time you need to remind the casting office you still exist! You need to remind them YOU are what they are looking for because soon you are gunna need another contract!

 There are a few thing you must do…

1. Update your headshot!

You cannot send in a headshot that does not look anything like you! You want your headshot to look as smiliar to the real life you as it can! So that means if you dyed your hair… You need a new headshot!

Also headshots are not done from your Iphone against your kitchen wall! For a professional job you need professional headshots! Find someone with photography experience or hire a proffessional to take a couple pictures! It will be So WORTH IT.

2. Update your dance reel!

For those of you who don’t know what a dance reel is, it is a short video that displays all of your best dance skills! This could mean impressive lifts, turns, flexibility, or specific styles you wish to show off! This shows the casting team what you are capable of!

3. Pick your ships!

When sending in all this material, you need to give the casting team an idea of what type of ship you wish to be put on next. By no means does this mean you will get one of these ships, but it could make their job easier if they know what you want!
Then you must put all these things in an email, including your resume and fitness photo, then send it all off to production casting. AKA the casting team!
Once this email is sent, there is nothing more you can do, you just need to wait for their response and hope they like what they see! This is probably the hardest part because there are so many other people sending the exact same email with their own dance reels and headshots!

 You need to stay positive and patient; an oppotunity is always waiting somewhere. Right?

31 days and counting <3



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