Cruising Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel, Mexico has definitely been a highlight for me this contract. It is one of the places I have been to the most; making it a very well-known destination for me. Being there every 4 or 5 days allows me to decipher how I want to spend my day without any pressure of needing to experience everything at once. I have seen multiple resorts, restaurants, local shops, and even got to ride around freely!

Which brings me to the topic of this adventure! JEEPS!


Myself and 3 of my friends, decided we wanted to witness the other side of the island. We had never explored this part of Cozumel before and it was pretty far away… A taxi ride was no interest to us because we wanted to explore the island ourselves! Not by sitting in a car and looking out the window because technically we didn’t have an actual destination! So we started thinking of an alternative way…

My friend Dario, who knows how to drive manually, thought of the idea to rent a jeep for the day and take a ride to the other side of the island! At first I was hesitant of course, but later finding out there was only one road the whole way made me realize it was impossible to get lost! Plus he assured me he knew where he was going… IMG_0690

So it was decided. The 4 of us rented a “coffee” coloured jeep and we were on our way!

The road was smooth, with a mile of grass and bushes to our right and ocean and sand to our left. It felt so natural to be driving on this empty road. We took our time and of course stopped by the water for a little dip in the ocean! It definitely wasn’t the same as the resorts I had been to.. but still refreshing!

In the end… we didn’t make it all the way to the other side of the island. We were too worried about making it back in time to board the ship! So to end our adventure we stopped at this little restaurant called “Coconuts”, ate some nachos and drove back!

Although we didn’t make it to the other side like we had originally planned, it was still an amazing day and definitely one for the books!









Everyday is an adventure…



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