The Next Chapter

2019 has just began and I think it is about time to begin a new adventure.

Where do you think the ship will take me this time? Some of my readers already know, but to those of you who do not know my next destination will be ASIA! …(insert fireworks, balloons, and confetti, I’m so excited!) ASIA!!!

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In a couple of weeks I will be back on a flight to Miami to begin rehearsal for Quantum of the Seas. This is another Royal Caribbean ship with two fantastic new productions for me to learn! This ship has a contemporary styled show and another showgirl, Vegas styled show. My hopes were high when I requested this contract and this specific ship. I was really beginning to crave more contemporary dancing in my regular performances! I have gotten used to so many showgirl or ballroom styles in 3 inch heels, when I really just wanna be in bare feet getting floor burns on my knee! (My fellow contemporary dance alumni friends I’m sure can relate…) My hopes were high because this ship is pretty competitive.. I am just at the height requirement and I wasn’t sure my style would fit the choreography that is on the ship! But the way I look at it… It will definitely push me in a good direction and that is what I really need in my dance career right now!

Back to the main point of the blog  ….

After rehearsals are done in Miami, I will be back on another flight travelling all the way to Shanghai!

A flight from Miami to Shanghai takes around 15 hours. If we wanted to include layovers and delays it could take over 25 hours! it is going to be a IMG_1732rough day and a half of travelling, but I honestly don’t mind airplanes or airports! I could even go so far to say I actually enjoy them! But never in my life have I been on such a long flight… So I have a feeling after this experience, my opinion may alter slightly.

Having only a couple of weeks left at home, of course there are things I need to do! But speaking honestly, my number one priority is to take full advantage of homemade meals, a full fridge to take food out of anytime, a car to drive, sleeping in my comfy bed with my comfy pillows, friends being only a phone call alway, being able to use regular text message, and just a bunch of other little land things I don’t even think twice about when I’m home, but once they are no longer there they are definitely missed!

Thanks mom and dad <3

This time around will be slightly different. The past couple times I’ve gone to Miami for rehearsals, my mom has come with me! She was always such a help with getting settled and relieving the stress of the first couple days of rehearsal!

This time will unfortunately be different, I will be traveling by myself and having to get settled in on my own. It won’t be too bad as this will be my third contract, but without a doubt I will always miss her company. Since this is my third contract, I now know where the nearest grocery store is, the best food to purchase for the first couple days, where to find a cheap extra blanket, where to get a phone plan, etc; it is the little things like these my mom would help me with in the past. Although I will miss her being there, I am confident I will be okay on my own.

Something that is pretty exciting for me is getting the chance to reconnect with people I have worked with in the past! This will be my third cast and I will already know 4 different people! These amazing people are either previous cast mates I’ve worked with in the past or people I have met while being in rehearsals the first couple times! This makes me SO excited because the worst part about working on a cruise ship is that everyone lives in a different place in the world, so at the end of your contract you never know when the next time you will see each other again. Sometimes life can be funny and bring people back together; this is one of those times. I can’t wait to reconnect with these people and have them in many more of my life memories!



When starting a new contract, I can’t help but think about all the amazing memories I have made in my last contract! So here is a little list of my favourite memories off the top of my head!


Favourites highlights on board Brilliance of the Sea!

  • Overnights in Russia
  • Swimming with Stingrays
  • Dance parties on the ship
  • Being a Hotdog for Halloween
  • Roaming around Edinburg
  • Participating in the haunted house on board the ship
  • Renting a jeep in Cozumel
  • Renting a scooter in Cozumel
  • Trying a car bomb shot in Dublin for the first time
  • Going to the fair in Germany
  • Getting my hair done in Dublin
  • Celebrating my birthday in Tallinn, Estonia

Plus so many more!

Can’t wait to see what type of memories I’ll be creating in Asia!

New adventures are fast approaching!

Thanks for reading!






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