Who am I?!

Olivia MacEachern, I am a young girl who has an uncontrollable passion for the art that is dancing and life. These passions have created endless dreams that contiFullSizeRender 28nue to inspire and lead my life into something more than I could have ever dreamt; but of course this is only the beginning for me. Growing up in the small province of Nova Scotia, Canada, my dreams felt so out of reach and I was so oblivious to the opportunities on the outside of my little world in Nova Scotia. Ever since I was 13, I knew dance was going to be my future and even to this day I was not wrong. Of course starting at the age of three, these were not my originally thoughts and at the age of ten I even believed I would never dance more than 2 hours a week! This thought quickly disappeared. I finished High School dancing and teaching almost 22 hours a week, finished my first year of university as a Dance Major at York University in Toronto, and now beginning my first professional contract with Royal Caribbean Cruise Productions at the age of 18. This is my dream, I am living my biggest dream.

Dancing has led me to so many different place around the world for training, competing and even just observing the art of dance; I owe that part of my life to my parents and my family. The support and encouragement I receive from my parents and family everyday is unbelievable and everyday I thank god for blessing me with the beams of love I get to call my family.

Everyday I find myself constantly thinking and thinking about what will come next for me; my mind never fully finds a destination for rest. Even though I am living my dream, I am just getting started; I have so much to do and still so much more to experience. This is the reason for starting my blog. My blog is based on how to reach or meet your dreams, tips and tricks when first entering the dance world andIMG_2742 my journey with my first professional contract. I want to offer my ideas and tricks for auditioning, prepping for auditions,
what it’s like to be leaving home and everything behind, how to overcome intimidation, what to expect working as a professional dancer, and even more
. I still have a lot of learning to do, but I have also already learned so much. I want to share my knowledge to people who were just like me at the beginning; disorganized and ignorant.

I am so excited to begin this journey!

With love,

Olivia xx